Affiliated to CBSE Board, New Delhi (Affliation no, 2131971)


  1. The Admissions are normally made in the month of April every year for new session from April to March but are open till the month of July subject to availability of the seats.
  2. The authorities of the school have the right to decide and execute on what conditions; they will admit/readmit or retain pupils in various classes of the school.
  3. Those seeking admission to any class will get themselves registered on prescribed Registration Form to be obtained from the School Office alongwith prospectus on cash payment of Rs. 250/-. Registration doesn't mean admission.
  4. After getting registration the candidate will be required to take an Admission Test, which may be oral or written, depending upon the class for which the admission is sought. Test will be held in core subjects English, Math, Science, Hindi and G.K. & will be based on the syllabs provided alongwith registration form.
  5. After qualifying the Admission Test the candidate will be eligible for Admission and a prescribed Admission Form will be made available free of cost.
  6. After lodging the prescribed Admission Form duly completed in all respect along with following enclosures:
    1. For joining from any other school:
      1. Transfer Certificate from Previous institution.If T.C. is not available at the time of admission then provisional admission will be taken but the same must be submitted before leaving the School. No T.C. will be be issued unless T.C. from previous school is submitted.
      2. ii. Prescribed fee
    2. For pupils who have not studied in any recognized school before joining this school:
      1. Official Birth Certificate (in support of date of birth) issued by the Local authority.
        No T.C. will be be issued unless Birth Cerificate is submitted.
      2. Prescribed fee
  7. Beginners will be admitted to a class on attending the following age on 1st April of the calendar year of admission. The admission to pre-primary classes are made according to age of child:
    • Nursery: 2 and half year +
    • L.K.G. 3 and half year +
    • U.K.G. 4 and half year +

Note : The child's ability will also be taken into consideration.




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