Affiliated to CBSE Board, New Delhi (Affliation no, 2131971)


  1. When the assembly is over, students shall go to their classes in proper manner by maintaining decorum and orderliness while leaving the school they will ensure smooth exit for themselves, proper discipline must be maintained throughout the school hours.
  2. The every child is to follow all the disciplinary rules of the school to maintain the school decorum and they must be punctual.
  3. The parents should well aware about the neatness and hygiene about their ward. The negligence is punishable.
  4. Students will not be allowed to posses any cash and articles like ornaments and valuables. The school will not be responsible for any loss of the above.
  5. Parents can meet the Principal on any day between 9am to 12 noon.
  6. The leave for half day should be avoided as far as possible for security reasons. In emergency a written request is must.
  7. The parents are requested to cooperate with the general rules of the school and maintain a cordial relation with school staff.
  8. Children not in proper uniform will be sent back to their home.
  9. Parents and other persons are not allowed to see their children or teachers during school hours without permission of the Principal
  10. Parents or their servants are not allowed to enter any class room. No servant is allowed to be in the school premises till pick-up time.
  11. The school does not accept any responsibility for loss of books, money, clothes and other belongings of the students.
  12. Any kind of damage done to the school property or premises by a student is to be compensated by his/her parent.
  13. The rules & regulations of the school may be changed without any notice and new modifications will be binding for all the students.


  1. Monthly fee to be paid in advance up to 15th of every month.
  2. Fee can also be paid with a late payment of Rs. 50/- till end of the month.
  3. Principal as special case may grant exemption for late payment.
  4. The name of the student who will not pay his/her monthly fee by end of that month will be struck off.


  1. The Managing Body of the School reserves the right to waive off any of the rules contained in the Prospectus without assigning any reason for its action and having the right of admission reserved.
  2. The interpretation of any amendment of the prospectus rests solely and entirely with the Managing Body of the School. Its interpretation shall be final and binding on parents/ guardians and students of this school.


  1. As regular attendance is an important requirement for better result, a written application for leave must be submitted well in advance with genuine reasons. In case of illness application is required to be submited at the time of attending the classes after complete fitness and also submission of medical certificate as well as certificate of fitness is required.
  2. A minimum attendance of 75% of the total school days is required during the academic year, falling short of which the student will not be allowed to appear in annual examination for that year.
  3. The name of the student, who is absent for 10 days or more without leave, shall be struck off the roll. On Re-admission a Re-admission fee of Rs.100/- will be charged but students who have been habitually late or persistently careless or indisciplined may not be re-admitted at any cost.
  4. Every student must be present on the re-opening day after each and every Holiday.
  5. It is advisable to insure that a student is not disturbed during the examination days and is not asked to attend family functions.
  6. No student can leave the school premises during school hours without a written permission from the principal, which may be granted under exceptional circumstances only on the written request of the parents.
  7. The principal may also ask the parent/guardian to withdraw their child if his/her conduct or academic progress is not found satisfactory, if parents fail to withdraw, the Principal has right to suspend that student.
  8. Any student who fails twice in a class he/she will not be re-admitted at any cost.
  9. A student can be asked to leave the school by school authorities at any time throughout the year on following grounds:
    1. Unsatisfactory Progress
    2. Irregular Attendance
    3. Detention or repeated detention in a class
    4. Disobedience
    5. Use of Bad language
    6. Disrespect
    7. Overdue fee for more than 3 months.




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